Bumble Bee Ranch is going to be the mid-way station for your marathon.  If you are interested in camping here for the weekend, we have plenty of space.  You can bring your RV or just tent camp it.  There is a fee to stay on property.  We will also be offering meals for those on property.  At this point, it is just dinners.  If you would like to make reservations, please click on the link below.

Tent Camping:  $10 per night per tent (Camping in your car or on a cot under the stars is considered tent camping)
RV Dry Camping:  $10 per night per vehicle
Electrical Hookups:  $15 per night per vehicle

All campers have access to showers and bathrooms.

Thursday Dinner:  Ribeye Steak Dinner (Option of Steak, Chicken or Salmon) - Price $30 per person
Friday Dinner:  Spaghetti Dinner - Price $12 per person
Saturday Dinner:  Hamburgers/Hot Dogs/Vege Burgers - Price $12 per person

Pricing on meals includes tax and gratuity.  There is a 6 person minimum requirement for meals.  When we confirm your reservation a week or two before your event, we will let you know if the meal is happening or not.

dECEMBER 7, 2018 - At this point, we do not have enough people signed up to make a meal.  You need to reserve your meal ahead of time.  Last minute requests are not Accepted.  Please review this site before the event to find out which meals are happening. 

Thank you, Bumble Bee Ranch.